How to use optical fiber transceiver


Optical transceiver is a kind of medium conversion modu […]

Optical transceiver is a kind of medium conversion module of Ethernet fiber jumper interface. It uses five kinds of twisted pair electronic signals and long-distance optical signals to stop switching.

In addition to helping connect the last mile of fiber optic cables to the metropolitan area network and more network surfaces, it also plays a comprehensive role. In order to maintain the optical transceiver more effectively, the transceiver rack will be used to terminate the standardized management. Secondly, optical communication (equal link) further improves the knowledge of the next optical transceiver rack University!

The frame system of dual power switch optical fiber transceiver provides the general classification of mechanical rack for the development of communication optical fiber electronic information engineering facilities and the design of communication network level goods; the product features of aluminum alloy material processing technology are exquisite, the double hot air blower exhaust and heat pipe heat dissipation characteristics are good, which is suitable for other work of various multi transceiver control modules, and has been greatly developed Application of system software management.

The system can be real-time monitored and managed by the staff of network administrator to develop the system software in the central computer room and branch front-end. The dual power switch optical fiber transceiver framework can adopt Ethernet interface, optical fiber line data centralized network security management, and has good network security.


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