5G independent networking is becoming a reality


GSMA organized the leading companies in 5g field to joi […]

GSMA organized the leading companies in 5g field to jointly develop the guidance document to provide technical, spectrum and policy guidance for operators planning to deploy 5g independent Networking (SA) option 2. On June 30, the 5g SA option 2 Deployment Guide was released on the first day of GSMA's new digital platform, GSMA live? The world's first show. During this period, Alex Sinclair, chief technical officer of GSMA, presided over the special forum to discuss the opportunities and challenges brought by 5g independent networking with leaders and experts from China Telecom and NTT DoCoMo.

5g independent networking uses cloud native core network to connect high-performance new wireless air port technology, to achieve all the expected characteristics of 5g, including high throughput, low delay, high reliability, etc., and enable operators to open the above capabilities to the third party. The deployment of 5g independent networking is critical to unlock the $700 billion enterprise market and help the government realize the social benefits brought about by mobile communications, including enhanced public security networks, distance education and telemedicine.

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