Many members of optical fiber online appear in Shanghai Munich


Optical fiber online news the 2020 Shanghai Optical Exp […]

Optical fiber online news the 2020 Shanghai Optical Expo in Munich opened in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on July 3. It is linked with Shanghai Electronic Exhibition in Munich, Shanghai electronic production equipment exhibition in Munich, and visionchins four exhibitions. With the theme of "integrating innovation and wisdom to lead the future", it gathers about 3000 outstanding exhibitors at home and abroad, and more than a dozen optical fiber online member enterprises reconcile with their latest products Solutions appear among them, hand in hand to lead the optoelectronic industry vane.

Although it is in the special period of global epidemic control, the audience of the exhibition industry is still on the rise. According to the editor's own observation, comparison and survey with many member enterprises, the flow of participants this year is about 80% of that of last year, which is much better than you expected. The exhibition fully released the enthusiasm of the industry and brought positive signals for the recovery of the optoelectronic industry.

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