Tone and joint of optical fiber jumper


For single-mode optical fiber, the general optical fibe […]

For single-mode optical fiber, the general optical fiber jumper is indicated by light yellow, the connector and protective case are dark blue, and the transmission distance is long. For multimode optical fiber, orange color is used for general fiber jumper, and dark gray color is also used for some. The connection and maintenance sleeve are beige or black, and the transmission distance is short

The difference and legend of various optical fiber interface types

The socket of optical fiber cable is very complicated. Sometimes it is very easy to make mistakes in the whole process of the new project, so as to facilitate the work of ourselves and everyone. The following materials are specially sorted out:

The key types of optical fiber connectors can be divided into the following categories:

FC round with external thread (maximum number on fiber cabling rack) st card round

SC card type square (more used for optical fiber transceiver) LC card type square, slightly smaller than SC (more used for optical fiber switch) mt-ri square, one end of the optical fiber line as a whole to receive and transmit

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